What is your favorite brand of thread for card embroidery?

There are many types of thread that are suitable for prick and stitch card making and each card maker seems to have their favorite. Tell us which one you like best in this poll. If your brand is not listed tell us about it in a comment to this message. We are also interested in which particular type of thread within a brand range you use, tell us your choice in a comment.

We asked this question in 2008 and it will be interesting to see if preferences have changed.

9 thoughts on “What is your favorite brand of thread for card embroidery?”

  1. It was hard to pick just one. If I’m making a formal card I use Kremik. Some Christmas cards I use a Gutterman metallic gold that is to me the “perfect” gold. But most of my cards are less formal, dont need the perfect gold and for these I love the softness, variety of colors and metallic looks of the DMC floss.

  2. I have practically all makes of embroidery threads, but my favorite is Guttermann Sulky silk and metallic. Both threads are soft and great to work with and also they have great selections of beautiful colours !!!

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