How many prick and stitch cards do you make in a month?

numbersI thought it would be interesting to have a poll to find out how many prick and stitch cards you make in a month.

Tell us more about how many prick and stitch cards you make by commenting below.

12 thoughts on “How many prick and stitch cards do you make in a month?”

  1. I would love to make more but I still work full time, 10 hours, 5 days a week. Some months have more birthdays, anniversaries, or what have you, so I have to Make time to get more done.

  2. I’m semi retired and even when I sit down to listen to a game show or the news, I have a card beside me that I pick up and work on. It’s very relaxing to me

  3. I make at least 10-then depends on which holiday it is–more. I make cards for my friends and trade them for things they do. Bartering is as fun as doing the cards.

  4. I make about 6/8 a month, depending on how many birthday and anniversaries there are! In between I prick Diwali and Christmas cards so that I do not have to rush to get them all done when the occasion arrives!

  5. Starting in July, I made over 60 Christmas cards using all of your holiday designs. I make at least 20 anniversary and birthday cards a year. I also pick out portions of your card designs and stitch them on the corners of scrapbook pages or make stitched frames for photos on the pages.

  6. because of severe nerve damage i dont sleep well so i stitch i have i would say hundreds of stitched stuff far more than i could possably use any ideas what i could do with them i was thinking of charity

  7. I started making prick & stitch about three years ago when I needed knee replacement. Now that I have new knees, I am very mobile but still find the time to work on my cards and I love it..I give all my cards away or send them myself. My daughters-in-law and I haven’t purchased a card since I have been doing this…I wish to find more patterns though.

  8. I have a large family,4 children, 11 grandchildren, and 6 great grandchildren and make birthday, valentines day, anniversary, get well, miss you and etc., for all of them. Stitching cards has been added to my hobby of stamping cards, and quilt making. Keeps me out of trouble and I love being busy.

  9. It depends which month it is! Some months I might make some toppers and only mount them later. There are usually several on the go at any one time!

  10. I love stitching on cards, it is very relaxing. I generally give them away, sometimes my grand daughter takes them to school, they sell them to raise money for the childrens day trips etc.

  11. Hi David

    I make cards in “clumps”! I may make as many as 6 in 2 days, prick out loads and then just do 2 later in the week. I try to prick out 2 or 3of each design at a time so that I always have some ready to do. I tend to make them mainly during the darker months of the year, so not so many in summer. I usually order 50 double fold cards at a time from my favourite supplier so must make at least that many a year.

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