Do you like the size of the Pinbroidery patterns?

Pinbroidery creeper patternAs regular readers will know I have designed a series of square stitching cards for the Pinbroidery website. These are 144 x 144 mm (approximately 5 ¾ x 5 ¾ inches). One customer has contacted me to say they are too large and I should consider making future patterns smaller. This is a survey to find out what you think.

What is your ideal size for a square pattern? Please tell us your thoughts on pattern sizes by adding a comment to this post.

The illustration is from the Pinbroidery creeper pattern.

31 thoughts on “Do you like the size of the Pinbroidery patterns?”

  1. Hi David,

    I do like the size of these, shows the stitching of well, not certain I would want every card to be this size, but have enjoyed these and I hope you do some more this size in the future.

  2. I like the size card but if they were “4 1/4” I could get two cards from a piece of card stock.
    I really like making your bookmarks. People remark that they mean more to them.
    Keep up the tremendeous job you do.


  3. I think these new design are wonderful. They took my crafty breath away. Needless to say I bought all of them and down loaded the free ones! I said they were a bit big only becasue I sometimes take certian elements from a desgin to make a card and not use the whole pattern. My stitching fingers are itching to have a go!

  4. I love the designs, but here in my area of Virginia USA, i have been unable to find square cards large enough to mount them. The only web sites i have found are in England and mailing cost are expensive.

    If you could reduce the size i have found cards 5 1/2 x 51/2

  5. These are great designs and I really like them, but they are a little big. I know I use most of mine on a 5 X 5 piece of card stock. Keep the designs coming.


  6. I like these patterns but any square card can and usually does cost more to send. the smaller square sounds nice–getting more out of cardstock is always great.
    thank you for the patterns Cathy

  7. I agree with the customer. The patterns are too big for standard cardstock in Canada and the U.S. which is 8 1/2″ by 11″. If you want to make a greeting card a person would have to reduce the pattern to make it fit on the card which would make the pricking holes a bit to close. May not look as nice.
    Thank you. Pierrette

  8. David, I love the variety these cards provide. I have just started stitching mine. I guess they might cost more to send through the mail, but I always put my special cards in bubble envelopes to protect them so it wouldnt cost me any more for the larger square ones.
    They are not for the feint of heart though. My daughter and daughter in laws saw them when they were all over for supper last week and none of them could imagine trying one!
    Thanks for the lovely patterns!

  9. Hi David,

    I love your stitching designs, however 5-3/4″ square is too big. Most of the designs I use are all suitable to fit on a 5″ square cut piece of card.

    Keep up the good work and keep the great designs coming.


  10. I don’t have a problem with the larger patterns as if I need them smaller I resize them in Word. I do like the extra large pattern that shows the stitching so much more clearly, please keep those coming.

  11. While I love the new designs – I’d prefer smaller sizes so they could be used with the quater fold sized cards. That size card & envelope are easy to find in the local craft store & don’t require extra postage.

  12. I agree that the patterns are beautiful, but are a bit on the large size, just a little smaller would be nice, I have tried printing them out in PSP and reducing them but not everyone has this option, could you not activate the snapshot tool in Adobe so people could re size the patterns in Word, that way, you don’t need to re do them and people can choose the size they need.
    I cant wait for the new patterns


  13. I love the patterns but find them a little too large. Luckily I am able to reduce them in my print programme to a size that suits me.
    Look forward to more designs.


  14. I am a huge fan of 6×6 and 5×7 cards. I think if I am going to put that much work into them they should be big enough to make a statement. The large cards are both card and mini work of art.

  15. I love the designs, but as most of my cards are 4 1/4 x 5 1/2, I would
    love to see the designs made for this size card. Don’t know if that is
    possible, but would love it if they could be.

  16. I think the size of your patterns is great. For those times when I want a bigger or smaller version of your patterns, I simply copy the image onto a blank sheet of word processor paper (Microsoft Word). On the page, then, it is an “image” and when I click on the image, corner and edge guides appear. Clicking on any of these and “pulling” them outward makes the image bigger in that direction, “pushing” them inward makes the image smaller.
    There’s no reason you should go to the trouble of “sizing” your patterns when a “fix” is available for all with a computer.
    Thanks for the wonderful designs and the hours and hours that you’ve kept my wife busy doing stitching cards – while I play … LOL

  17. Thanks for the lovely patterns–My daughters and i love to do these cards for our friends and family. The new pattern sizes are a little big for our cards. I would love to have them resized for my use. Keep the designs coming we will take all you can do. The website is friendly and easy to use. Judy Bennett and daughters.

  18. I really like the larger size patterns. I plan on using them in frames as wall decor. I have been looking for the larger sizes and these are perfect. Please continue with these designs as they are great !!!

  19. I love the patterns. I would like to see them about 4 1/2 X 4 1/2 so that I can use them on 5 X 5″ card stock. That is what I use most.
    Thank you for asking.


  20. I voted yes I liked and found no problem with the size plus I was able to add a small contrast mat to the design before adding it to a 6″ x 6″ card.I like the impact of a stitched larger card ,but It might put overseas stitchers of if they have to pay more for posting larger cards

  21. Hi David
    Love the designs, but would prefer them to fit folded card 140mm or 5 1/2″ as this size is available here in Australia. Keep up the great designs.

  22. I love these new designs and found that I could reduce the size of the pattern on my printer to fit my cards. I like the square shape as well. It isn’t often you get a square card in the US. The cards are hard to find and I may have to resort to card stock.

    Thank you for such lovely and beautiful designs. I’ve stitched the Tulips and the Creeper and can’t wait to start stitching another design. I hope you have more patterns soon.

  23. I love these patterns but would also love some smaller ones – as I find it takes such a long time to finish a card. It would be great to also have some smaller versions of William Morris designs – or something similiar. Thanks David.
    Patsy x

  24. Love the patterns but as most say, they are a little large – 5 1/2″ is great as I can mount it on a coloured background. These square cards are also outside the “standard” postage size in Australia and are more costly to post.

  25. I have made hundreds of the cards for gifts and have two daughters-in-law that never buy a card because I love to make the cards and I keep them supplied.
    Please make your designs smaller (5½ X 4¼) …I adjust the big ones but it would be so much easier if the design was smaller.
    Please keep supplying all of us with more, more, more designs.


    DJ’s reply:
    Have you got Adobe Reader installed on your computer, Jan? If you open the PDF file with a text editing program you will see the code rather than the instructions. Adobe Reader is available as a free download from the Adobe website.
    Get the free Adobe Reader program.

  27. I love these square patterns and don’t find them too large,I can always reduce the size a little if I need to, although I haven’t done so yet….I like them just the way they are

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