What brand of thread do you use? [POLL]

I thought it would be interesting to have a poll to find out your favourite thread for making stitching cards. You will be shown the results so far after you have voted.

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Come back later to see how the poll is progressing.

Tell us why you like your particular choice of thread in the comments below.

14 thoughts on “What brand of thread do you use? [POLL]”

  1. Hi Everyone

    I use mainly Sulky now because there is such a big choice of colours. I still have some Kreinik from my Form-A-Lines kits but Sulky spools are usually longer. I also have a small collection of Madeira which also comes in big spools but I cannot get it very often here in France. One of my best purchases was 6 spools of 10gram each of metallic threads from India for Euros 10 which I purchased at an exhibition in Paris from a business in the UK. Ten grams is a lot of metallic thread.

    Depending on effect I have also used embroidery and sewing machine cottons.


  2. I use machine embroidery threads as they don’t ten to catch on the holes as much as others threads like DMC, I also use metallic threads and sulky metalic threads especailly when making Christmas cards.

  3. Hi,

    I like to use perle silk thread from a seller I started with 4 years ago. They are over dyed and some contain colors of choice for the members that buy from her. The are easy to use especially in tight spots and can vary the look with a plain color along with the varigated. This thread is easy for me to purchase and she sends out sample tags of all her colors. I have known her a long time and it is made easy for me to purchase. The thread quality is great and the price is great for the skein. When doing cards–I never make 2 alike so having the tags gives me a chance to compare without buying or going to the store. I am sure all of the name brands can be used the same way, but I am hanicapped and this is about the only way for me to buy. I use the Form A Lines and Stitching cards which are really cool so then I can easily try different variations.

    We have come a long way with the various manufacturers and quality of thread.

    Marlene S.

  4. I like to use the “Rainbow” multicolor thread from Thread Art.com because there are 25 different colors to choose from and they all change shades or color every inch. This makes it perfect to use for stitching cards. It is alsoa polyester with a nice sheen to it.

    Linda M.

  5. I use either the Kreinik thread sold at the shop where I originally bought my patterns… or more often just ordinary -?- DMC embroidery threads. There must be hundreds of colours in the range so any match or toning can be made. I recently found a set of really bright colours in Woolworths, labelled Puppets, 100% cotton. I plan to use them soon for some easy patterns with my grand-daughter.

  6. Hi everyone,I used madeira mettalic for a long time here
    inAustralia. Guterman Sulky mettalic came into our stores
    last year
    and I find them easier to use as they do not split if the
    pattern holes are a bit on the small side.I use both stitching
    card & form line patterns and have done for a long time
    patterns are very limited in Australia unfortunately.
    Joyce P

  7. I like to use sulky if I can get it, also use madeira and krienik but find that the latter tends to fray a bit. Sulky is a bit hard to get in the area I live in. Also patterns are very scarce in Australia. Most of mine I have had either sent from my relatives in UK or buying books.

  8. I use DMC. Mainly because I have the full range of colours.
    I also use Machine Embroidery Thread doubled, because these have a nice sheen. I have over 150 colours of Machine Embroidery Thread, So I have a great range of Colours.

  9. Hi from Canada,
    I use a variety of threads but like Sulky for their wide range of colours and varigates. I also use Gutterman sewing threads again for range of colour in the rayons for flowers. Some of the threads suggested in Erica Fortgens books are not availabe here in Canada, so I make do and experiment with whatever I can find.

  10. Hello from Florida, U.S.A.
    Love your site and information, I use mostly sulky threads, love the shimmer and metalic,. I also use DMC rayon threads, one strand at a time. This is a new adventure for me, stitching cards and I am addicted.

  11. I Use DMC as I can’t find Kreinik in Australia. I sometimes use DMC Rayon instead of a metalic as it is shiny. Sometimes Mettler metalic threads also.

  12. I like both silk and metallic by Anchor and Guttermann Sulky as both of these make has wide range of colours but do occasionally use Madeira and Kreinik which came with the original FAL kits. Like Marian, I also have over 150 colours!

    Happy stitching Ladies

  13. Hi , I am from Canada and some of my favorites include Sulky, Madiera, I have some Kreinicks but they are harder to use as they are very rough . the metallics are anyway . I really love the Mettler threads and have a wide range in colors . they are so beautiful to use for flowers as the shades are so close together. It makes it easy to use for a subtle shading . I also have some Rainbow threads and they are very nice with only 1 inch for each color change .
    Keep up the good work everyone ,
    Hugs Gerrie

  14. I mainly use DMC metallic threads because I like the effect and find them very economical. I also like Kreinik threads, very fine braid and also the filament to mix with a metallic thread to give shading ie green metallic thread with copper filament for leaves. I managed to buy some Kreinik thread reduced in price and having seen them at full price I won’t be buying them as they are nearly three times the price of DMC metallic for less amount!

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