What is your favorite subject for prick and stitch card making?

I guess that at this time of the year Christmas cards are a very popular choice. However, if you think about the whole year what kind of subject do you find yourself stitching the most?

Please tell me about your favorite subject by using the comment facility below.

10 thoughts on “What is your favorite subject for prick and stitch card making?”

  1. Hi David

    My all time favourite, is in the country flowers set (FAL series), the pansies. I have done them many times in many colours and many different threads. Next is the flower basket in the Stitching Cards set, followed by the lilies in either set (single SC and double, I think in FAL). Then any flowers, have just done the rose trellis for a second time recently. Then I like the architectural series, done all the steps ones (FAL), the animals one particularly the owls, done at least 3 times. As you can see I do a lot of card stitching!

    Best wishes, Jackie

  2. David
    it is really hard to say, I like so many and they get stitched again and again, but especially the Flower Basket and the Lilies are useful for so many different occassions.
    Favourite beaded cards have to be the xmas tree, and like this yrs tree and candle as well.
    The sports cards. cricket bat, darts etc are good for men and the classic type motorcycle and car get used a lot.
    Hope you do not run out of ideas soon.

  3. Hi,

    I love the flowers, the one with the dandilion, the dragon fly. But mostly the flowers. Such a wide variety

    I would like to see some native american desins; mostly w/o beads. I have such a hard time with them, and I have been reading your articles. I love the brightness of the yellows, reds, greens and blues. I have some perfect varigated floss for them. I also like the subtle earth tones


  4. I think I stitch initials more than anything else but usually combined with flowers and/or borders – so I voted Other. I didn’t find it an easy choice, also like geometric designs and many others!

  5. I think I have stitched more animal cards than any of the others, but can I claim to have the biggest selection in my folder???? Runner up to the animals is the Fairy under the umbrella and the Father Christmas clothes.

    The Teddy bear is a nice “quickie” to do and I have only attempted the peacock once – and said never again. The end result was stunning but I prefer to be able to complete the card in two evenings.

  6. I love the Borders. You can do so much with them, making christmas cards, birthday cards or any card. They decorate with a great finishing touch to every card I make.
    Thanks for a great craft and site

  7. i have a big confession to make i have everyone of the form-a-line kits ,and most of the download ones .these are always admired when i give them to people ,and i have cropped some down to make atc s with them .i get a lot of pleasure doing them .
    i use pure silk thread to stitch them,
    ihave struggled with a few of the beaded ones ,but only because they are more time consuming,but loved the christmas beaded tree and did it in many colours.each year i do a theme,and everyone gets the same design,no argument then.
    what is nice i can always find a pattern that is just right for the occaccion i am looking for
    keep up the good work david.

  8. I recently found your website and am thrilled with all the beautiful prick and stitch patterns! This form of needlework is new to me – I’ve been doing it about one year. When I went to your website I immediately purchased several patterns and value packs. I am pleased that I can download the patterns the same day as the purchase. Thank you for many happy hours of pricking and stitching. I especially like the value pack of cards for occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Please continue designing more prick and stitch cards!!! There can never be enough designs or enough time to stitch them all.

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