What type of card do you stitch on?

I design my stitching patterns to fit on a standard size double-fold card. These types of cards may not be available locally to you, particularly if you live outside of the UK. There are other options and the results can enhance the design in a creative way.

double-fold cardA double-fold card has three panels. The right-hand panel folds in to cover the back of the stitching work and hide it from view. This third panel can be fixed in position with double-sided self-adhesive tape or stick adhesive to make a quick and neat finish to the stitching. Double fold cards are made by several manufacturers in the UK. If you live in the UK you can purchase them by mail order from the Card Inspirations website (please note that they do not send card making materials overseas).

single-fold cardAn alternative to the double-fold card is to stitch on a separate piece of card and mount this on your greetings card to hide the back of the work. It can be fixed in place with double-sided self-adhesive tape or stick adhesive. Self-adhesive foam pads can also be used to mount the card to give it a slight lift. These pads are used in decoupage work and should be available from shops that sell decoupage sheets. When mounting this separate piece of card you could use a contrasting colour on the front of your greetings card or cover it with a patterned paper.

Please use the comment facility below to tell us about the type of card you stitch on.

8 thoughts on “What type of card do you stitch on?”

  1. I tend to stitch on a separate sheet of card. That way I can mount the stitched designed and put backing papers in the the card blank to pull certain colours out of the design

  2. I usually use double fold , there are occasions when i find it’s nice to do a pattern on a colour, that’s not available in double fold and can make a lot of difference to finished item,

  3. I also stitch on double folded cards but lately have been stitching on separate piece of card. Then mount it on coordinating card and also able to create/cut pretty borders or even punch out the corners to give it another dimension to the card.

  4. Hi,

    I use both, but have purchased 5 x5 many colored cards from a printing company here in Omaha and really like the size and do not have to go through other card stock to make the toppers. This way it is easy for me to match pattern, floss color and card.

  5. I vary it depends on the design. I stitch the dove design in silver on a navy textured double fold card as a sympathy card it needs no more than that and has been appreciated. Other designs I stitch and mount, possibly using punches in the corners. I think I am tending to stitch more and more on separate panels and double mount.

    David, you haven’t give me a voting option of both ways so I haven’t voted.

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