When you are stitching what else do you do?

jukeboxWhen you are stitching your card patterns do you like to have some kind of background activity? Maybe listening to the radio, half watching the TV or listening to a music CD. I have set up a poll so that you can let us know.

Tell us about your ideal background activity in a comment to this post.

The illustration is from the Stitching Cards Bead Jukebox pattern.

4 thoughts on “When you are stitching what else do you do?”

  1. My favorite place to stitch is outside in the sunshine while sitting on the lawn swing. Nothing as relaxing as that. I also prick and stitch while watching tv. I have all my supplies that Im using at the time in a little plastic basket with a handle so its easy to carry from one spot to another.

  2. I also do what Anna does, especially in the summer months. Other times I prick the cards in my craft room whilst listing to music. Then take them down to the living room and stitch them whilst watching tv or listing to music or chatting with family members. I carry all my stitching essentials in small wicker basket.

  3. I tend to stitch whilst waiting for stuff onthe computer to finish LOL so I have music going. I don’t usually watch t.v. whilst stitching I either mess up the stitching or my other half want to change channels because I can’t be watching it while I’m sewing

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