Christmas patterns added at Stitching Cards

Five Christmas patterns and a New Year pattern have been added to the Stitching Cards collection.


They feature a robin, a tree, baubles, two reindeer and a wreath, each with the words ‘Merry Christmas’. Plus a fireworks pattern with the words ‘Happy New Year’.

The patterns are available individually and in a value pack of six designs. The pattern size is 152 mm x 104 mm (6 x 4½ inches).

Value Pack No. 69: Christmas patterns:

Christmas individual patterns:

2 thoughts on “Christmas patterns added at Stitching Cards”

  1. hi, im just starting out and am wanting to get a start on my Christmas cards i have about 78 to make, could you please help me with patterns and the cost of them please, i was able to pick up some beautiful card so im all set for that im just looking to start with some patterns and i have to work slow as i have twins with autism so my time is busy lol, sorry for the to much information thanks.

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