The top ten best selling Stitching Cards patterns ever

Since I run the Stitching Cards web site I have inside information about what stitching card patterns people are buying. So I present to you the top ten best selling patterns ever on the Stitching Cards web site.

The figures are based on single pattern sales. Where a pattern has also been sold as part of a value pack the value pack sales are not included in this count.

Keep in mind that this covers several years so patterns that have been on the web site the longest stand a better chance of being in the top ten.

1. Basket of Flowers1. Basket of Flowers.

3. Peacock2. Peacock.

3. Bells and Holly3. Bells and Holly.

4. Two Birds4. Two Birds.

5. Three trees5. Three trees.

6. Fairy Sitting6. Fairy Sitting.

7. Toast7. Toast.

8. Snowman8. Snowman.

9. Pram9. Pram.

10. Stork10. Stork.

What is your favourite Stitching Cards pattern? Let me know by adding a comment to this post.