A bead tray for prick and stitch card making

If you make a lot of stitching cards with beads it is worth getting, or making, a bead tray. This will keep your beads in one place and stop them rolling away and getting lost on the floor.

bead trayThe main features of a bead tray are the base covering of material such as felt that stops the beads from rolling around and raised edges to keep the beads from falling off. You could make one from the lid of a suitable box and a piece of felt. Or you could purchase a bead try from a shop that specialises in beads. The bead tray illustrated is shop brought. It is 23 centimetres (9 inches) square.

I use a teaspoon to scoop out the beads and collect them up after use. I did purchase a purpose made bead scoop but I prefer the teaspoon as the longer handle makes it easier to use.

Do you have any bead related tips?

4 thoughts on “A bead tray for prick and stitch card making”

  1. When I lived in the Far East I bought several of the tiny dishes for sauces at Chinese meals and I use one for each kind of bead I am using. When not in use they stack. I find they are very stable and don’t tip over.

  2. I use a small paint pallett as these have several little dips for mixing paint, or in this case perfect for seed/stem beads as you can work with several colours at once but keep them all separate.

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