How to stop the pricking pattern moving

This tip comes from the Tools and Tips page in the tutorials section at the Stitching Cards website.

Secure the pricking pattern - back

To stop the pricking pattern from moving whilst pricking it out, secure it with two pieces of adhesive tape. These are stuck on the back of the card so the front is not marked. Put the card face down and add strips of tape to the top and bottom edges with half of the tape overhanging. Turn the card face up so the stickey side of the overhanging tape is exposed. Trim the pricking pattern leaving a margin at the top and bottom. Position the pricking pattern and press down to secure with the strips of tape.


2 thoughts on “How to stop the pricking pattern moving”

  1. The following hint may be of use to fellow “stitchers.”

    I have used many of the “Stitching Cards” patterns, and really enjoy working with them. I find that the quickest way to hold the patterns in position on the card is to simply use three or four paper clips. They are easy to position and to move around if necessary whilst pin-pricking the pattern (only move one at a time carefully and the pattern will not shift out of position).

    Elaine H.

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