What thread do I use for my stitching cards?

A question I am often asked by friends who want to try prick ‘n stitch card making is what thread do you use? The answer is Kreinik metallic 1 ply cord.

This is the thread I use to test stitch the patterns on the Stitching Cards web site. The pattern instructions list the colours of the Kreinik threads used. There are 26 colours in the range. You can see a colour chart of the metallic threads on the Kreinik web site. The cord section is quite near the bottom of the chart. Look in the column headed 1 ply.

The single colour threads are smooth and strong, which helps them stand up to the abrasive effect of the rough edges of the holes in the card. The thread keeps its tension very well, just what you need for sewing on card. The finished result has an attractive metallic sparkle and gives a sophisticated look in my opinion.

Some of the threads in the range are multi stranded. The antique threads are a combination of the base colour, such as silver, with a strand of black. The antique threads sew almost as well as the single colours. When stitching on white card the antique silver thread stands out much better than standard silver.

One multi stranded that I find very challenging is called lily pond. This has a strand of what looks to me to be a strand of glittery plastic. The results are very pretty. However, I would recommend working with short lengths of lily pond as it tends split apart after going through a number of holes.

You should find Kreinik thread in your local needlework store. If not then Kreinik have a store locator on their web site.

Screen shot of a section of the Kreinik colour-chart
Screen shot of a section of the Kreinik colour chart

7 thoughts on “What thread do I use for my stitching cards?”

  1. Thank you for the recommendation. I have been using Aurilux. It is a satin finished polyester and is part of the Aurifil machine embroidery range. I went for this because it is available in my local needlework shop. I am pleased with the results.

  2. I often use just ordinary sewing cottons for my cards as they give me a very good range of colours and the effect is like painting pictures in cotton. I also use a variety of Anchor, Cristallina, Impex and astro brands of metallic threads. I think perhaps it comes down to whatever works for you.

  3. Hi,

    I prefer using varigated silk perle. I usually use 2 strands. I pull and cut about 10 inches of one strand and then do the same again. I put opposite ends together and it gives an interesting variation to the colors. I find that the silk perles are easy to wotk with and offers many colors. I have a seller that I buy from, but as I understand we are not supposed to advertise on this blog. I am sure all of the commercial colors will have the same affect.

    Thanks for all the other messages. They always give a different view on colors and card making.

    Marlene S.

  4. I use Madeira machine twist and metallics, Kreinik and Sulky metallics and I have also used embroidery and machine sewing threads. My preferred choice now is metallic thread and I have a large selection built up over the years.

  5. I am making my very first stitched card. I saw these cards for the first time last week and did not have the opportunity to examine them closely. I am using the metallic thread and one strand looks a bit skimpy to me. Do you use one strand or two. Any advice will be appreciated. Also the #10 needle seems to leave a hole that is too large for the thread stand.

    • There are no hard and fast rules, Nan. If two strands of thread look better to you then use two. If the needle seems to leave a big hole then use a smaller one. It is whatever works for you.

  6. I just got my first Kreinik cord in the mail this week. I have just used it to make a flower vase card and it was a JOY to work with!
    Previously I used whatever I had, some metallic machine threads, single thread of embroidery floss, plain and metallic types. I even used some pieces of embroidery floss from some of my moms stash that is at least 30 years old. My sisters will appreciate where the thread is from as much as the card itself as my mom has been gone for 26 years!
    I like the simple look the non shiny embroidery thread gives my cards.

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