If you live outside of the UK where do you buy your card blanks?

cartToday I have received enquiries from customers in Canada and France on where to buy greetings card blanks suitable for card embroidery. Unfortunately I do not have any experience of buying blank cards overseas so it is difficult for me to answer these kinds of queries.

Card blanks are best purchased locally since they would cost a lot to post overseas relative to their actual cost. If I try searching for blank cards the results are dominated by British suppliers since search engines tend to give local links first.

So I am appealing to our overseas readers (outside of the British Isles) to tell me where you purchase your blank greetings cards. You can do this in a comment to this post. I am particularly interested in finding card blanks in Canada and France since this is where most queries of this type come from.

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  1. Hi, Regal Craft Cards in Tasmania sell them. I use normal card stock to do my work on and then trim to size and with double sided tape add to the front of my cards. Either package with envelopes or I buy A4 or 12 x12 card stock and cut my own. I buy the envelopes separate. Lyn

  2. Hi, re blank cards
    Buy cardstock and fold your own. You can line the inside with pretty paper to cover the stitching. You can also use 28# paper from an office supply. Fold them paper in fours and when fini cards, tape the two edges.
    I very seldom use blank cards
    Hope this helps.

  3. In Canada, I buy cardstock at Staples, Office Depot or any office supply store or you can buy card blanks at Michaels store but that is not cheap. Cardstock is 67 lbs Bristol which is thick enough to make beautiful stitching cards. The benefit of buying cardstock is that you can fold it in half and it makes a card and office supply store also sell envelopes to fit those cards. You can also fold it in half again which makes it a quarter fold and find envelopes for that too. Or you can cut it the size you want to fit any kind of envelope. I hope this information is helpful.

  4. Hi David,

    I usually buy A4 sized cardstock(cardboard-i find the good quality stuff is better to work with as you know a lot of work goes into the cards) then i cut the size of the card to 9.5 by 13.5 cm -then layer it with another colour underneath(this is what my craft teacher taught me) I then put the pattern on top of that with tape-i find this is a nice size and not to big to work with.Hope this helps other stitchers.


  5. hi david,
    I moved to the USA 3 months ago from Scotland and i buy my cards at Hobby Lobby. They have all sizes, colours etc and start at $3.99 per pack of 50. I knoow that they do shipping to Canada and if you join their club online you get discount too. Keep up your fantastic work


  6. Hi David, I also buy a lot of cards from Regal craft cards in Tasmania, they have a very good range of colours and cards. For the actual stictching, I tend to use cardstock, or some pre-cut scallop edged blanks I found in a specialty shop, but they cost $1 each, they do look nice though.



  7. I too buy cardstock and “invitation”size envelopes at Staples or Office Depot. I run the full sheet of cardstock through the printer to put my greeting on the inside, cut in half and fold each new card. I use another piece of cardstock or heavy scrapbook paper to embroider a “topper” then glue it to my folded card. Square cards are extra postage in the US so I don’t do them.

  8. David,

    Re: Blank Cards

    I live in Virginia, USA. I get my card stock from Michaels Art and Craft, or AC Moore. The scalloped edged card stock from Target. The actual fold cards are fom either Michaels, Ac Moore or Jo-Ann Fabric.

    Hope this is helpful.


  9. I live in New York State, USA . I make my own topper card to stitch on then glue and layer it up on the folded bazill paper. I then purchase clear envelopes to mail the cards out and everyone (including the postman) enjoy delivering the cards……..there is a slight extra postage charge, but worth it. We are getting a brand new Hobby Lobby this month – so can’t wait to see what they carry ! Enjoy – it’s addicting, Sue

  10. A great place for cardstock and evelopes in Canada is Paper Envelopes Canada. They have great servicea nd you can also get sample packs . The website is http://www.paperenvelopes.ca/index.php. This company also has another division called Crystal Clear Bags, where you can get plastic sleeves and even tassels for stitched bookmarkers. I know they ship to Canada and USA, not sure if they do overseas, but can can inquire through the contact us page.

  11. I have been getting my blank cards from Bear Pages in Murhpy, NC. You can also purchase card stock in 8 1 to the size you need. Any left overs can easily become trimmings and such.

  12. I now live in Canada, since 1967, I cheat and order through my SIL in England to order from Card Inspirations. Otherwise I buy my cards or card stock from different stores, Michaels or any craft or office supply store, I usually stitch a ‘topper’ and layer it onto a regular blank card with a coloured middle layer. I have bought watercolour paper and cut and folded them myself, but have never seen the 2 fold card blanks here.

  13. I too buy my cards at Michaels, but I have also found great deals on 3 fold cards at ebay and even with shipping costs they are under 1.00 dollar each. I figure that is ok since the finished product is “priceless”

  14. I live in Portugal and get my card blanks from craftcreations.co.uk they offer a good discount and only charge postage at cost. If you order quite a few blanks from the same range the discount often offsets the postage charge. You can also subscribe for a monthly fee and get a discount off each order. They deliver all over Europe I think. Hope this helps.

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