Free beaded snowflake pattern added at Stitching Cards

Free beaded snowflake pattern at Stitching Cards

A beaded snowflake pattern has been added to the free section of the Stitching Cards collection. The design features a snowflake stitched in silver thread with silver lined clear glass seed beads on a dark blue greetings card. It would make a beautiful Christmas card. Free beaded snowflake: The beaded snowflake design comes with … Read more

Quilt block flower patterns added at Stitching Cards

Six patterns with quilt block style designs have been added to the Stitching Cards collection.

The patterns are available individually and in value packs of six designs. The pattern size is 152 mm x 52 mm (6 x 2¼ inches).

They feature fuchsias, grapes, iris, roses, sunflowers and tulips. They are available in two versions: with beads and without beads.

Guitar birthday – forum gallery stitching card of the week

This week’s card is called Guitar birthday and was made by Dori. This attractive card was made using the Stitching Cards Bead Guitar pattern.

Dori said; “I made this card for my guitar-playing grandson’s birthday. It is embroidered on white, mounted on a brown card. The guitar beads are brown. I used gold bugle beads for the machine heads.”

Cards featured here must have been posted in either the Stitching Cards forum gallery or the Forum-A-Lines forum gallery. The card should be based on a Stitching Cards pattern or a Form-A-Lines pattern. This picture was posted in the Stitching Cards forum gallery…

Beading needle tips for prick and stitch card making

Small seed beads and bugle beads require the use of a much thinner needle than I use for the non-beaded stitching. I use a size 10 English beading needle. These needles can be tricky to thread due to the small eye. I find it best to use a single strand thread rather than multi-stranded which could split as it is pushed through the eye of the needle.

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About seed beads used for prick and stitch card making

I am often asked about the beads used for my card embroidery patterns on the Stitching Cards web site. I like to use silver lined glass beads because they give a jewel like effect when they reflect the light. The small round beads are usually referred to as seed beads. The beads are 2mm in diameter or 1/8 inch or aught size 10/0 (ten-aught). Various bead sellers uses different measurements when describing the beads so I have given the three most popular.

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