What is your favorite brand of thread for card embroidery?

There are many types of thread that are suitable for prick and stitch card making and each card maker seems to have their favourite. Tell us which one you like best in this poll. If your brand is not listed tell us about it in a comment to this message. We are also interested in which particular type of thread within a brand range you use, tell us your choice in a comment…

Do you use social bookmarking websites?

social bookmarksFollowing on from my article last week about social bookmarking websites for crafters I thought it would be interesting to find out which ones are the most popular with Prick and Stitch readers.

Even if you have not joined one, please take part in this poll so that we can get a picture of their relative popularity…

How often do you visit this blog? [POLL]

It would be a great help to me to find out how often you return to this blog. Some readers may come back every day to see the new comments. At the moment I try to post a new article every two days. Is the correct frequency to keep your interest? Maybe I should post less, maybe more. Please help me decide.

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