Beading needle tips for prick and stitch card making

Small seed beads and bugle beads require the use of a much thinner needle than I use for the non-beaded stitching. I use a size 10 English beading needle. These needles can be tricky to thread due to the small eye. I find it best to use a single strand thread rather than multi-stranded which could split as it is pushed through the eye of the needle.

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Pop up slider card with prick and stitch train

Train cardThis is a birthday card that I made for my brother who is a train enthusiast. When the ribbon at the back of the card is pulled a slider causes the middle of the card to fold so that the train is pulled upright.

The slider mechanism can be used with a stitching pattern of your choice. I have used the train pattern that can be purchased as part of the Form-A-Lines steam set. It is stitched in green, grey and silver thread on cream linen card. The card base is a grey linen card.

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About seed beads used for prick and stitch card making

I am often asked about the beads used for my card embroidery patterns on the Stitching Cards web site. I like to use silver lined glass beads because they give a jewel like effect when they reflect the light. The small round beads are usually referred to as seed beads. The beads are 2mm in diameter or 1/8 inch or aught size 10/0 (ten-aught). Various bead sellers uses different measurements when describing the beads so I have given the three most popular.

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3D prick and stitch Christmas tree card

Christmas tree cardI made this card using the free Christmas tree pattern available from the Form-A-Lines web site. The cut out tree is hinged on the front panel of the card so that it gives a 3D effect when the card is displayed open.

I started by stitching the Christmas tree on a sheet of hammered white card.

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Free easy prick and stitched Christmas card snowflake border pattern

I have been looking at the search terms that visitors have used to find this blog. “Easy stitching patterns” appears regularly. So with this in mind I have designed a Christmas pattern that should be easy for beginners to stitch. If you are not a beginner it will be good for producing quicker stitched Christmas cards…

Adding prick and stitch words to your greetings cards

Emma J, who is a member of my Stitching Cards forum, suggested that I design some art nouveau style text to go with the rose patterns that I recently added to the Stitching Cards range. The proposition appealed to me because I believe that a hand stitched greeting can add the finishing touch to a hand stitched card.

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