Valentines Day patterns added at Stitching Cards

Two Valentines Day patterns have been added to the Stitching Cards collection. Valentines Day Hearts featuring four hearts in pink and red with the words “Happy Valentines Day”. Girl with Valentines Heart featuring a girl holding a large heart and the words “Be Mine”. The pattern size is 152 mm x 104 mm … Read more

Change pattern size tutorial at Pinbroidery

resize the pricking patternThere has been some discussion in previous posts about the size of the Pinbroidery patterns. Some customers said that they were too large. Other customers said that if they wanted to reduce the size of the patterns they know how to do it using an image editing program.

To help those who are not so technically advance in the field of image editing I have published a step-by-step illustrated tutorial on the Pinbroidery web site.

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Embroidery on paper – a beginners guide to card making with stitching

People who receive hand stitched greetings cards are usually amazed and delighted that someone has made it especially for them. Many have been so pleased that they frame the picture. As well as giving pleasure, embroidery on paper is also an enjoyable way of passing the time. Since only a small amount of equipment needed, it is very portable and can be done almost anywhere. Here are five easy steps to get you started.

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How to find the correct hole to stitch from the back of the card

stitch from the backAs you know 50% of the work is stitched from the back of your card and 50% is stitched from the front. The stitching diagram shows you the view of the front of the card. When you turn the card over to work from the back you get a reverse image of the pattern. If you are working on a circle or line it is easy to see which hole to use next. However, if you are working on an area with random dots it becomes more of a challenge…