Christmas & quilt block stitching patterns added at Form-A-Lines

Six patterns have been added to the Form-A-Lines stitching card collection.

Christmas 20 – the subjects are a candle with baubles, a present and a tree with baubles.

Quilt Block 2 – the subjects are inspired by quilt block designs with the words Happy Father’s Day, Happy Anniversary, Good Luck, plus an alternative greeting Happy Mother’s Day.

The pattern size is 152 mm x 104 mm (6 x 4½ inches).

The patterns are available from the Form-A-Lines download store:

Christmas 20:

Quilt Block 2:

If you prefer printed booklets these are available from Form-A-Lines stockists.

How to stitch a complex pattern

Some prick and stitch patterns are easy to follow whilst others are very complex. The easy ones tend to have shapes based on circles and curves. When the design involves realistic shapes such as human figures, the shapes become more random. The result is that the dots are harder to follow.

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