How to add a stitching font to your computer

Font 340

There are several stitching fonts available from the Stitching Cards web site. When one of these is installed on your computer you can use any of your word processing programs to type words of your choice ready to stitch. These fonts have dots instead of lines and you stitch between the dots in the usual … Read more

How to work the ‘S’ curve stitch

S Curve

When a pattern includes an S shaped curve that is worked with evenly spaced stitches along its length it is hard to visualise. The section where the curve changes from an inside curve to an outside curve is the tricky part. Once you realise how it works it is just a matter of continuing the … Read more

How to stitch a complex pattern


Some prick and stitch patterns are easy to follow whilst others are very complex. The easy ones tend to have shapes based on circles and curves. When the design involves realistic shapes such as human figures, the shapes become more random. The result is that the dots are harder to follow. If you find the … Read more