Christmas bauble – forum gallery stitching card of the week

This week’s card is called Christmas bauble and was made by Eileen. This attractive card was made using Free Forum-A-Lines Christmas bauble pattern.

This was the first card entered in the Form-A-Lines forum September/October card making challenge. The cards should be based on the free bauble pattern and can be customised in any way the card maker chooses.

I asked Eileen about the gold stripes and she said “They were a bit of a mistake that turned out OK. After stitching I stamped the snowmen and Santa onto two strips of white card edged with a gold Krylon pen. I then decided to fill in the rest with red stickles but didn’t like the red, so dumped some fine gold glitter over the lot while it was still wet. It ended up looking like ruffled ribbon”.

This picture was posted in the Form-A-Lines forum gallery.

Editor’s note: Both forums have closed since this page was published. The Facebook groups for Stitching Cards and Form-A-Lines have taken over that role.