Christmas hedgehogs sewing pattern added at Stitching Cards

A design featuring two hedgehogs with mistletoe and holly above has been added to the Stitching Cards pattern collection. It is a reworking of the hedgehogs design found in the animals section and makes a great Christmas card for hedgehog enthusiasts.

Christmas hedgehogs

The pattern was reworked following a request from Stitching Cards customer Ivy Crowhurst. She was keen to have a Christmas card featuring hedgehogs. I did not envisage hedgehogs as a traditional Christmas subject so I took the easy approach of adding the mistletoe and holly from the Pinbroidery candles pattern to the hedgehogs pattern from the Stitching Cards Animal lovers set.

I sent the pattern to Ivy with a request to send me a picture of the finished card. When I saw the resulting card I was bowled over by her choice of colours. Making the hedgehogs Christmassy with green and red thread lifts is to another level.

If you already have the Pinbroidery candles pattern and the Stitching Cards hedgehogs pattern then you can combine them for yourself. If not then the complete pattern is available for purchase from the Stitching Cards web site.