Form-A-Lines single colour or multi-colour?

Form-A-Lines patterns are designed to look good in a single colour of thread. The reason for this is that one of the ways they are sold is in kits. Since a reel of metallic thread forms a substantial part of the cost of a kit it makes economic sense to design for one colour.

The card maker can choose to stitch the design in multi-colours if they wish. There is usually more than enough thread on a 50 meter reel of thread to stitch six cards. Therefore after purchasing a few Form-A-Lines kits you may have amassed a collection of threads of various colours. You can also add to your colour collection by purchasing more thread.

The illustration shows a design from the new Form-A-Lines Quilt Block Flowers set. The left-hand picture is stitched in confetti pink thread as supplied in the kit. This is a mixture of pinks, yellows and blue-greens. I really like the random colour effect produced by confetti thread.

The picture on the right is stitched in green, copper and purple thread. The card was made by my wife for her mother’s birthday. I think that it is a beautiful choice of colours.

The Quilt Block Flowers set is available form the Form-A-Lines download store and in printed booklets from stockists.