How to check for missed holes when pricking out your pattern

When you are stitching your pattern it is very inconvenient and confusing if you missed one or two holes when you were pricking it out. This is most likely to happen where the holes are in a random pattern or there are lots of them in a small area.

Pricking the patternWhen I have finished pricking out the pattern I carefully pick up the card with the pricking pattern still in place and hold it up to the light. If there are any dark spots then these have been missed and there is still a chance to do something about it.

Before I start pricking out the card I secure the paper pattern in place with two small pieces of tape, one at the top and one at the foot of the card. These ensure that the pattern does not slip during the pricking process and when I hold it up to the light.

Do you have any tips for pricking out the pattern?

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