Narrow Boat Flowers Form-A-Lines stitched card patterns reviewed

Narrow Boat Flowers is one of the latest pattern booklets to be added to the Form-A-Lines stitching card range. The booklet contains three patterns featuring roses, roses and a castle, and roses with a border. They are available as part of a kit or as a separate booklet.

Narrow Boat FlowersWhen the pattern booklet is purchased as part of a kit you also get blank cards and envelopes, thread, a pricking pin and sewing needle.

Alternatively you can purchase just the pattern booklet with its step-by-step instructions and pricking patterns.

These patterns are designed to look good in one colour of thread. The thread colour recommended for Narrow Boat Flowers is gold on dark green card.

The roses and a castle, and roses with a border designs could also be used as stitched borders with something different in the middle such as a decoupage picture or photograph.

The pattern booklets are available by mail order in the UK as part of a kit from the Card Inspirations UK shop.

The pattern booklets are also available on their own for world wide delivery (including the UK) from the Card Inspirations International shop.

The Narrow Boat Flowers patterns make attractive cards for many occasions including birthdays, anniversaries and congratulations.