Tips for making prick and stitch card bookmarks

There is a range of patterns on the Stitching Cards web site that are designed to fit on a card 50 mm x 152 mm (2 ins x 6 ins). This is half the width of a standard double fold card so it enables them to be used as bookmarks or greetings cards.

bookmarkThe illustration (right) is from the Stitching Cards Bookmark Flower 1 pattern.

If you cut a single panel from a standard greeting card (104mm x 152mm) and fold it in half this will be the basis for the bookmark. When the stitching is complete you can close the card to hide the back of the work.

A UK mail order company called Craft Creations sell ready cut bookmark blanks that measure 50 mm x 179 mm (2 ins x 7 ins). They are single sheets of card so you would need two for each bookmark – one to cover the work on the back. They also sell envelopes to fit the bookmarks and clear polypropylene display bags made to fit the bookmarks with an envelope.

It is possible to purchase clear plastic covers to protect your bookmarks. If you put “clear bookmark covers” into a search engine it will come up with a number of places to get them. Add your country to refine the search.

Another way of protecting them is with “transparent self-adhesive film”. This is often sold in office supplies shops for covering books.

If you are making a lot of bookmarks you might consider a “laminator” machine for creating the protective covers. I have seen them advertised from under £30 in Staples office supplies.

bookmark cardAnother possibility is to incorporate your bookmark as part of a greetings card. This could be fixed in such a way that it can be removed to use as a bookmark. An example of this is the bookmark card posted in the Stitching Cards Forum gallery by PamD. The bookmark is attached with brads and ribbon.

The card is made using the Stitching Cards Bookmark Flower 6 pattern. The greeting is stitched with a Stitching Cards font.

Do you have any bookmark tips?


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