Rooster pattern added at Stitching Cards

A rooster pattern has been added at the Stitching Cards website. It makes a great birthday card for men. It can also be used for congratulations, thank you and other messages.

The term “rooster”, for a male chicken, originates from the United States, while in the United Kingdom the older term “cockerel” is more widely used. During the daytime, he often sits on a high perch, usually 4 to 5 feet off the ground to serve as a lookout for his flock. He will sound a distinctive alarm call if predators are nearby.

The rooster is often portrayed as crowing at the break of dawn, however, this idea is more romantic than real, as a rooster will crow at any time of the day. Some roosters are especially vociferous, crowing almost constantly, while others only crow a few times a day.