“Secret Perfume” scented embroidery thread from DMC

I have been reading about the scented thread recently announced by DMC. The range is called “Secret Perfume” and is the type of stranded embroidery cotton used in cross-stitch work. I have not tried the thread myself but it sounds like fun. I would be interested to hear the views of those who have tried it.

Secret perfume from DMCThere are twelve colours in the range which is divided into three aroma themes – “Flower Bouquet”, “Tutti-Frutti”, and “Delicacies”.

The “Flower Bouquet includes fresh fragrances such as Rose, Lavender, Lily of the Valley and Honeysuckle.

The “Tutti-Frutti” includes tangy scents including lemon, orange, apple and strawberry.

The “Delicacies” includes delicious aromas such as vanilla, almond, caramel and chocolate.

The perfume for each fragrance is released with your touch; while you stitch or when the thread is rubbed. DMC claim that “Secret Perfume” threads retain their scent for several months and will last for about twenty washes.

The cotton embroidery floss can be purchased from the usual DMC outlets including Stitcher in the UK and the DMC Online Shop in the USA.

The above illustration is from shopDMC, with kind permission.

Have you used scented thread? Would you use scented thread? Let us know in a comment to this post.

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