Snowboarding greetings card stitching pattern added at Stitching Cards

The new snowboarding prick and stitch pattern added at the Stitching Cards web site would make a great card for snowboard enthusiasts or anyone who loves winter sports.

snowboarderSnowboarding started in the Untied States in the mid 1960s and grew in popularity becoming a Winter Olympic Sport in 1998.

There are a number of claims for the invention of the first snowboard:

Sherman Poppen designed a board for his daughter in 1965. It was a skateboard without wheels steered with a hand held rope. The design was developed and marketed as the Snurfer. In 1979 the first ever World Snurfing Championship was held near Grand Rapids, Michigan.

An east coast surfer called Dimitrije Milovich began snowboarding by sliding on cafeteria trays. In 1972 he formed a company making snowboards with the feel of surfboards.

In Wales, UK, skateboarders Jon Roberts and Pete Matthews developed a board made of plywood with foot bindings. This was used on a dry ski slope at Ogmore-by-Sea in 1976.

Snowboarding was recognised as an official sport in 1985 when the first World Cup was held in Zürs, Austria.

Snowboarding reached a peak in popularity in 2004 when there is said to have been 6.6 million participants world wide.

This number had dropped to 5.1 million snowboarders by 2008. This is partly due to ski manufacturers producing more innovative and attractive skis.

An industry spokesman said that most snowboarders are 18-24 years old. Females constitute 25% of participants.

I enjoy skiing and have tried snowboarding. It can be fun and challenging but for me skis win hands down on chair lifts and for manageability. Do you participate in winter sports? If so are you a snowboard or ski enthusiast?