Tram pattern added at Stitching Cards

A pattern for an old style tram has been added at the Stitching Cards website. An Australian customer called Heather wrote to say “I would like to stitch a tram for my father-in-law’s 90th birthday. Being a Melbournian he loves his trams”.


Anyone who has visited the English seaside resort of Blackpool will have seen this type of tram running along the seafront. When I was a child we had family holidays in Blackpool and we used to enjoy riding in the trams. We usually went in early September to see the Blackpool illuminations. The promenade became a magical place after dark with millions of coloured light bulbs. The trams were also decorated with lights.

However, being so late in the summer there were often strong winds blowing off the sea. I remember seeing people coming around the corner and being blown off their feet.

Did you visit Blackpool as a child and ride on the trams? Or do you have some other tram memories?

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