Where to buy beads for card embroidery

beadsA couple of readers have left messages on my “Beading needles” post asking where they can purchase the beads needed for the beautiful beaded embroidery cards. Not all bead shops sell the tiny seed beads suitable for card embroidery. It is a case of seeking out the stores that do.

The beaded patterns on my Stitching Cards web site use seed beads 2mm in diameter or 1/8 inch or aught size 10/0 (ten-aught). I have given the size several ways because various bead shops use different ways of expressing them.

The bead patterns often use bugle beads that are 7mm long or 1/4 inch or Czech size number 3. Japanese bead makers use a different numbering system to denote size: Size number 2 = 6mm. Size number 3 = 9mm.

I use glass lined beads because they add sparkle to the design and the result looks like delicate jewellery.

I purchase my beads by mail order from a UK company called Creative Beadcraft. They also have a retail shop at 20 Beak Street, London W1.


You will find suitable beads listed in their “Small glass embroidery beads” section of their web site. The seed beads are in the “SB10 10/0 Embroidery Bead” category.

Bugle beads are in the “BB3 Size 3 Bugle Bead” category.

Do you have a favourite bead store?

Unfortunately I do not have first hand knowledge of bead stores in other countries so I am hoping that you will help me out by telling me about your favourite bead store in a comment to this post. Any stores mentioned should sell small glass seed beads suitable for card embroidery.

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