Free bauble Christmas stitching pattern added at Form-A-Lines

A bauble stitching card pattern has been added to the free patterns section of the Form-A-Lines website. The large bauble has an open area where you can add extra decoration of your choice, such as a greeting or a decoupage image.

This bauble pattern is currently being featured in the Form-A-Lines forum gallery card making challenge. Editor’s note: Both forums have closed since this page was published. The Facebook groups for Stitching Cards and Form-A-Lines have taken over that role.

The direct link to the free bauble pattern is

A selection of greeting words have also been added to the free patterns section. They are Happy Birthday, Happy New Year, Happy Christmas and Merry Christmas. These can be added to your greetings card where you require the words. Prick out the words and stitch them using the supplied illustration as a guide.