How to stop the pricking pattern moving

Pricking Pattern Fix 2

This tip comes from the Tools and Tips page in the tutorials section at the Stitching Cards website. To stop the pricking pattern from moving whilst pricking it out, secure it with two pieces of adhesive tape. These are stuck on the back of the card so the front is not marked. Put the card … Read more

How to change the size of a pricking pattern

Foxit Print Settings

The question of how to reduce a pricking pattern to fit a smaller card size was put to us by Stitching Cards customer Carolyn. The ability to scale your print out with the Adobe PDF reader was discontinued in Adobe Reader 9. Fortunately the Foxit PDF reader has an option to scale the printout as … Read more

Hamsa amulet pattern added at Stitching Cards

Hamsa Amulet

A pattern featuring a hamsa amulet has been added to the Stitching Cards collection. Hamsa is an Arabic word meaning “five”. The palm-shaped amulet is popular throughout North Africa as jewelry and wall hangings. The open hand has been used as a sign of protection in many societies throughout history and is believed to provide … Read more

Colourful stitched bookmarks

Bookmark 1

Stitching Cards customer Angela has sent us pictures of some colourful bookmarks. They are made with Stitching Cards bookmark patterns. Angela said: “My 13 year-old daughter is our primary stitcher. Last spring she and I made bookmarks for all the teachers our children have had in the local elementary school. It was our last year … Read more

Change pattern size tutorial at Pinbroidery

Resize The Pricking Pattern

There has been some discussion in previous posts about the size of the Pinbroidery patterns. Some customers said that they were too large. Other customers said that if they wanted to reduce the size of the patterns they know how to do it using an image editing program. To help those who are not so … Read more

Embroidery on paper – a beginners guide to card making with stitching

Embroidery On Paper Flowering Vine

People who receive hand stitched greetings cards are usually amazed and delighted that someone has made it especially for them. Many have been so pleased that they frame the picture. As well as giving pleasure, embroidery on paperĀ is also an enjoyable way of passing the time. Since only a small amount of equipment needed, it … Read more