Animated films in the IAC film library (Autumn 1982)

THE WILLOW PATTERN STORY – P . F. Boxall. 8066s.
The Legend of Ancient China portrayed by silhouettes.
1972 CU Standard 8 sound Col. 900ft.

THE BOX – Theo Buttner. 8120s
A hen-pecked husband and some visual variations on the theme of boxes – from TV sets to coffins.
1974 CA standard 8 sound Col. 100ft.

HORSEPLAY – John Straiton. MM11O7
An encounter between a girl and a horse that hints shyly at the origin of the Centaur myth.
1974 CA 16mm sound Col. 250ft.

HAPPINESS IS – A.J. Putter. 8090s
Boy meets girl with happy results. All done with cut-outs of feet.
1974 CU Standard 8 Sound Col. 100ft.

G.B.M.T. – P.C. Rawling. 1122
Metrication has brought about the introduction of Great British Summer Time. The results are shown.
1974 CU 16mm sound Col. 120ft.

PRIVATE BEETHOVEN – Martin Funnell. 1123.
A soldier gets inspiration from the sounds of clubs hitting enemy helmets and a sonata is born.
1974 CU 16mm sound Col. 140ft.

R.I.P. – Martin Funnell. 1127.
A tribute to the professor who has made a study of reading upside down.
1974 CU 16mm sound B&W 180ft.

DECIBELS IN THE AIR Peter Uickling 1125.
The air is filled with sounds of every kind, seemingly chaos. But a kind of order can be found.
1974 CA 16mm sound Col. 140ft.

RUN AWAY OSTRICH — Peter Hickling. 1126.
An ostrich escapes from the zoo. The result being the coming of TV to all the animals in the zoo.
1974 CA 16mm sound B&W 100ft.

THE BOY AND THE CAT – Sheila Graber S004.
Adventures of a boy and his cat amid the snows of Christmas.
1974 CA Super 8 sound Col. 300ft.

THE MERMAID’S TREASURER – Tony and Barbara Brindle. SOO6.
How a friendly octopus prevents treasure being stolen by a skin diver. A silhouette film.
1975 CU Super 8 sound Col. 100ft.

MONARCH AND THE SEA – Sheila Graber. S007.
Based on the 1st Lord’s song from Gilbert and Sullivan’s H.M.S. Pinafore.
1975 CA Super 8 sound Col. 100ft.

COLOSSUS – Peter Hickling. 1150
The tale of a little man’s thoughts on his way to the office, Walter Mitty style.
1975 NK/CA 16mm sound Col. 150ft.

THE INVENTOR – Ted Rockley. MIVI11O9
About a stone-age inventor whose companion is not impressed when he, produces a wheel, etc. But when he comes up with a gun …
1975 CA 16mm sound Col. 200ft.

JOIN THE ARMY – Ted Rockley. MM111O
Satire on army recruitment advertising.
1975 CA 16mm sound Col. 100ft.

Portrays the event given in the title and the results.
1975 CA 16mm sound Col. 100ft.

PRECARIOUS POTATO – John Watson.8107s
A potato and it’s enemy, a knife.
1975 CA Super 8 sound Col. 35ft.

THE GREAT BELL – David Jefferson. SO11
Illustrates a burlesque folk song about the melodramatic and sometimes earthy goings-on in a country village.
1976 CU & CA Super 8 sound Col. 75ft.

MICHELANGELO – Sheila Graber. MM1131
Depicts the work of Michelangelo and suggests the dynamic energy that went into the creation of his work.
1976 CA 16mm sound Col. 125ft.

Illustrating the well known song sung by a school choir.
1976 CA 16mm sound Col. 130ft.

FACE TO FACE – Sheila Graber. SO12
An animated portrait which, through a continuous series of subtle evolutions, depicts the seven ages of man from cradle to grave.
1976 CA Super 8 sound Col. 30ft.

THE BOY AND THE SONG – Sheila Graber 1198.
Illustrates a well known song.
1976 CA 16mm sound Col. 150ft.

REEL PEOPLE – C. James. 1169.
Animated caricatures of well known politicians making visual comments which are meaningful as well as funny.
1977 CA 16mm sound 3/W 300ft.

PILLAGE IDIOT – John & Janice Watson.
About a dim witted Viking and the various ‘secret weapons’ which he plans to use to obliterate his British Adversaries.
1172. 1977 CA 16mm sound Col. 200ft.

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