The ANIMA Report

Neil Carstairs
From Animator’s Association secretary Neil Carstairs.

I am pleased to say that ANIMA is going from strength to strength and we now number among our members professional animators and animation teachers as well as the amateur and independent animators. The aim of ANIMA, to promote the exchange of ideas and techniques between animators and to increase young peoples awareness of the animation process, seems to be working.

Sheila Graber, Movie Maker magazine’s animation columnist avid professional animator, has agreed to become Honorary President of ANIMA. Sheila says:

“As you know your basic concept of animation being a life-enhancing activity is very near to my heart: so the more folks who get to experience this the better. I am therefore very pleased to be identified with such a lively and worthwhile organisation as ANIMA”.

We have introduced a new category of group membership to ANIMA open to organised film groups in schools, colleges, film workshops, cine clubs etc. For £10 the group will have the normal benefits of membership, with the group’s name and address in the Register circulated to members and two copies of Animator’s Newsletter. We hope that there will be great benefits here of animation teachers, group leaders and so on being able to contact each other to compare notes and arrange. Inter-group events.

The first ANIMA FESTIVAL will be held in London on Sunday, September 4th 1983. It will be an action packed day of film shows, demonstrations, a display of animation equipment and materials and a chance to meet the animators you have read about in the pages of Animators Newsletter. This is the big event of the year for ANIMA and well worth your trip to London to attend. You don’t-have to be a member to come along, every animation enthusiast will find a warm welcome from fellow animators. The programme will run from 11.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m., so if. you come from a long distance like me (North Scotland) you will have plenty of time to get the night sleeper home.

We want to show a good cross section of the films you are making so please let me know if you want to submit a film. The final timetable will depend on the number of films entered so please let me know as soon as possible. Also as this is the first event we don’t know how many people to expect. We have booked a room at Baden Powell House, Queens Gate, London. If you are going to attend please send me your ticket application as soon as you can so that we can reserve extra space if it is required.

See you there.