The Films of Sheila Graber 1974 to 1977

THE BOY AND THE SONG – 1976 4 minutes

Brenda Orwin has composed several sound tracks for me. In this one her fine Soprano singing voice is featured singing four well known songs:- ‘Blow the Wind Southerly’, ‘Over the Sea to Sky’, ‘In the deep Mid-Winter’ and ‘Just a Song at Twilight’. Combined with the characters of my nephew and my own cat, the singing hero keeps on courageously against all adversity aided (and abetted) by his stalwart Cat.

The Boy and the Song 1977
The Boy and the Song

INSIDE LOOK NORTH – 1977 3 minutes

The BBC commissioned me to make a film showing how a local TV news station operates. I spent my summer holiday gathering information on every aspect of the process from early-morning news-gathering to final studio transmission. The music of Zorba the Greek fitted the tempo of a typical day with the gradual build up in pace to a hectic climax, so I used it to back the film and give it unity.

Inside Look North 1977
Inside Look North

PHIL THE FLUTER’S BALL – 1977 4 minutes

A friend, Roger Burgess, suggested that this particular version of the Irish song performed, (oddly enough) by a Scotsman Kenneth McKellar, would make a good theme for a film. He was right, the words are crazy and the beat lively it was great fun to make.

THE CAT AND THE TUNE – 1977 3 minutes

I liked the tune ‘Eye Level’ when I first heard it as a theme for a TV serial. After a period of consideration I decided upon using it as the basis of a film incorporating the character of my cat leading an animal band.

This is made purely for fun, very popular with children and handy as a simple introduction to instruments of the orchestra.

MOVING ON – 1977 3.5 minutes

A jazzed-up version of ‘Eine Kleine Nacht Musik’ suggested to me chugging trains and swooping aircraft, so the film emerged – a history of transport through the ages on land sea and in the air.

Moving On
Moving On

BE A GOOD NEIGHBOUR – 1977 5 minutes

The Home Office requested a film about their ‘Good Neighbour Scheme’ (A plan whereby your home is looked after whilst you are away on holiday) which they could use in schools and social centers to act as an introduction to the scheme and as a starting point for discussions on police involvement with society. Here dogs are the main characters, though there is a rather tricky ‘Cat Burglar’.

Where to view Sheila Graber’s movies
Many of Sheila Graber’s movies can be viewed on YouTube. Visit Sheila Graber’s YouTube Channel.

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Originally printed in Animator’s newsletter Issue 5 (Summer 1983)