The Films of Sheila Graber 1977 to 1982

EVOLUTION… 1980 4 minutes

A Waldo-de-Los Rios version of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 1 had the rhythm of animals trotting along – coupled to a life-long interest in science (as well as art) the film emerged… tracing Darwin’s theory of Evolution or Natural Selection. Animation is surely the clearest way to show any ‘evolving process’ so ‘Evolution’ itself is ideal.

LARN YERSEL’ GEORDIE 1980 10 minutes

Based on drawings by Scott Dobson for his famous North East version of ‘Teach Yourself’ books. Scripted and narrated by Scott Dobson – animated photo-collage and line with back lit acetate is used to capture the lively wiry character of his style.

EXPRESSIONISM 1981 5 minutes

Through continuous plasticine modelling, directly painting under camera and back-lighting effects… this experimental film traces the use of the ‘Expressive Image’ in art from African Masks to 20th century. Set to an exciting electronic version of ‘Night on Bald Mountain’ the film came about through my hearing this music and then, by coincidence, visiting a stunning Edouard Munch exhibition.

FACE TO FACE 1981 3 minutes

An experimental film involving one long take, using soft pastel and a ‘smudge and click’ technique. Taking four hours to make the film traces a life from cradle to the grave.

LEONARDO DA VINCI. 1982 4 minutes

Set to Vivaldi’s ‘Winter’ the film uses continuous animation of Leonardo’s sketch book drawings to catch and follow Leonardo’s deep and integrated exploration of both ‘art’ and ‘science’ His numerous inventions, from flying machines to rockets; his study of both aerial and linear perspective: his botanical and anatomical studies are all covered: welded together in one continual flowing action which symbolises the Master’s own single-minded sense of universal purpose.

THE FACE IN ART. 1982 4 minutes

Through varying appropriate materials: mosaic; fresco; tempera; oil paint – the film traces the approach to the human face by artists from Egyptian to modern times.

DANCE MACABRE 1982 5 minutes

A model/cut-out/cel/and live-action animation of the famous work by Saint-Saens.

Portraying skeletons, ghouls, witches and the Devil Himself the main character is a very friendly violin playing little ghost who survives all terrors to play again another night.

HENRY MOORE. 1982 6 minutes

Using animated modelling superimposed on film of Moore’s own sculpture: combined with shells/flints/pebbles/ fingers.  The film tries to catch the heart of Moore’s unique, yet universal, creative process. Chronologically the works are shown as produced from his earliest ‘Mother & Child’ to one produced in ‘81.

Where to view Sheila Graber’s movies
Many of Sheila Graber’s movies can be viewed on YouTube. Visit Sheila Graber’s YouTube Channel.

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Originally printed in Animator’s newsletter Issue 6 (Autumn 1983)