Gallery by Mark Fuller

To move away from a reliance on technical understanding and rational thought I feel is not necessarily a mistake at times, and has for many proved profitable in terms of development of the true spirit of art and ideas, the awareness and depth of vision that can be liberated from areas below the conscious self, where true creativity originates, can take art, and animation as the new art form, away from its traditional portrayal of life, which has been my grounding up to now, towards a more internal approach hopefully with depth of meaning universally.
This ideal I see will have to attempt vibration of the soul by restoring the possessiveness of things, a route that will hopefully allow me to avoid mere banal escapism and superficiality.


The film from which the stills appearing came from I completed for final year assessments. During the 3 years graphics course 2 years of which were spent specializing in animation the last 8 months working on a film.

Although now it seems the bare essence of a film in its degree of finish relying on just line, it proved invaluable in terms of a practical application of some of the teaching gained from Liverpool.

I am dubious about putting forward any definite message that maybe concluded from the film, for being part of a learning process in which the visual side’s technical problems needed much attention, time for anything else was short. If anything I would talk about it in terms of a montage of visuals. Starting with the basic idea of a man walking into an art gallery and a few sketches of the scenes outside, the fountain and monument, the film moves from children to a park and finally to the art gallery then back to the fountain, most scenes being drawn with no particular reference.

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