The Likely Lads from Rolf’s Cartoon Club

Three lads most likely to succeed in the field of cartoon art have all appeared in Rolf’s Cartoon Club TV programmes and seem set on careers in the profession. By Ken Clark.

Christopher Blackwell as he appeared in his local newspaper pictured with Rolf Harris.
The Wiffie newspaper strip created by Christopher Blackwell.

In alphabetical order: thirteen year old Christopher Blackwell, who had an exhibition of his artwork displayed in the foyer of Wycombe 6 cinema during a film premiere when he was only ten years old. His characters: Cheston the Wolf appeared in 89, Whiffle the Mouse in August ‘89. After sending his drawings to Rolf Harris in December he appeared on the show in January this year.

He now has a cartoon strip appearing weekly in the Bucks Free Press. On a visit to John Halas’ studio he impressed Pat Webb to the degree that ASIFA now has a junior branch called the Inbetweeners.

When Christopher was told he had been chosen to appear on TV his father said, “That is all very well, all these momentous things happening to him at the age of twelve, but where does he go from here?” It set him thinking. Mike Blackwell is not your everyday average man, he designed and made the prototype instrument panel for the Hawker Harrier Jump Jet, among many other inventive ideas. Impressed by the Commodore Amiga set-up he is now working on another scheme. This father is going to answer his own question and help his own son at the same time.


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