Metamorphosis with Cut-outs

Someone once said to me during a discussion on the various types of animation, that the cut out type is certainly a cheap way for the would be animator to start with, practice the art and gain experience, but it is very restrictive when it came to more advanced techniques, such as metamorphosis (the change of shape from one object to another).

The making of Busby

‘BUSBY’ WAS CHOSEN AS THE MOST POPULAR FILM AT THE ANIMA FESTIVAL HELD LAST SEPTEMBER. GEORGE DANIELS GIVES US THE BACKGROUND TO THE FILM. I don’t know why I wanted to pay tribute to a man who, 50 odd years ago was well known for his unique musical direction and dance routines, the like of … Read more

Animated films in the IAC film library (Autumn 1982)

The Institute of Amateur Cinematographers (IAC) Film and Video Library holds the world’s largest collection of outstanding amateur movies. In addition to winners of national and international competitions, they have archive material going back to the earliest days. Compiled by IAC Films Officer, Bernard Ashby FACI in 1982. CARTOONS AND CUT-OUT ANIMATION CA – conventional … Read more

My Animation Experience So Far

By Syd Proudlock Because my present camera includes all the standard accessories such as the single frame release, I decided to make an animated title for a holiday film. Using cut-outs, a piece of art board, and my Velbon tripod I carefully planned and began the task. The final result when projected was satisfactory, the … Read more

Animation as a training aid

By Alex Bickerstaffe Visual aid mediums are now being used by many sporting bodies, not the least by my own, the British Amateur Weight Lifters Association.  (B.A.W.L.A.) In the making of one of our aids we pick out of a movie film of a weight lifter, those relevant frames which will be used in the … Read more

Track Reading for Beginners

By David Jefferson I make all of my animated cartoons to a pre-recorded sound track because nothing brings the drawings to life as well as sound that fits the action. These days I use a track reading sound head and frame counter together with a two-way synchroniser to check the results and a projector synchroniser … Read more