The Rolf Harris Cartoon Club

Every week our children are encouraged by Rolf Harris to “join today”, and to date over 90,000 have enthusiastically accepted the invitation, reports Ken Clark. The membership of Roll’s Cartoon Club is growing rapidly and much of its popularity is due to the efforts of the talented and open-minded team responsible for its format and … Read more

Oliver & Company: hand drawn in the Disney tradition

Set against the skylines, streets and subways of modern day New York City, Walt Disney Pictures 27th full-length animated feature, Oliver & Company is a contemporary re-telling of Dickens’ classic story. Oliver follows the misadventures of an orphaned kitten (Oliver) who is taken in by a pack of pickpocket dogs, headed by Dodger, the coolest … Read more

Animating for Hartbeat

By Dale Hemenway The BBC programme ‘Hartbeat’ developed from a programme that began two decades ago called ‘Vision On’. I used to return home from school and switch on the TV to be fascinated, not only by Tony Hart’s unique approach to art, but also by the many different styles of animation shown. Of course, … Read more

Advice to the aspiring cartoonist

DRAW, DRAW, DRAW Malcolm McGookin is an animator and a part-time cartoon strip artist. He offers some useful advice to the aspiring cartoonist and comments on the state of the British cartoon market. The problem with cartooning is that you cannot go to college to learn jt. I don’t know if it is a unique … Read more