The history of the animation cel

Stained glass windows, gun cotton, incendiaries and Celluloid By Brian Clark of Film Sales Ltd. The West window of the Church of the House of Prayer, Newark, New Jersey bears a spiritual likeness and Latin inscription dedicated to the Reverend Hannibal Goodwin. The motivation for this stained glass dedication was not so much related to … Read more

The history of the animation cel – Page 2

At this level triacetate has shown itself to be in with more than a good chance. Film Sales’ search for an animation-copy-suitable triacetate cel concentrated on a formulation that provided the highest softening point to withstand that temperature, and one whose production ensures the absolute minimum of residual solvent. Removal of casting solvent could never … Read more

Painting the cels at Cosgrove Hall

Lorraine Thomas, Supervisor of Paint and Trace talks with Ken Clark. KC: How many people work in this department? LT: We have eight cel painters and are about to employ three more, in another room we have two artists who do the airbrushing, and two who choose the colours and do the colour mixing. I’ve … Read more