Meet Klasky Csupo

Klasky Csupo, Inc. have hit animated television series, The Simpsons and Rugrats, on their track record. Marketing Director, Larry Le Francis, introduced the company at the Cardiff International Animation Festival. David Jefferson reports. Klaskv Csupo, Inc. was started by husband and wife team Gabor Csupo (pronounced Chewpo) and Arlene Klasky, literally out of their living … Read more

John Halas Profile – Page 2

He no longer runs a large studio, although his present offices are quite spacious by any standard. He is now the complete designer, steering projects dear to his heart through the various stages, to the point where he can call on other experts to produce the surplus artwork and attend to the mechanical functions. He … Read more

The Sullivan Bluth Studios in Ireland – Page 2

The editorial department itself is equipped with multiple viewing and editorial facilities, including a two-channel Steinbeck, two preview (large screen) Moviolas and standard Moviola equipment. Additional services provided by the editorial department include ‘Close-up reading’ of narration for animation purposes, sound effects and music editing. The studio projection facilities consist of two air conditioned projection … Read more

The Sullivan Bluth Studios in Ireland – Page 4

In the animation department the story is divided up scene-by-scene and distributed among the character animators. The animators’ task is to bring movement, personality and life to the character he is drawing. Those of you who are mathematically inclined might like to work out how many drawings there are in the average ninety-minute feature. Whatever … Read more