Roald Dahl’s best-selling children’s novel, The BFG has been made into a 90-minute animated film to be transmitted on the ITV Network this Christmas. Cosgrove Hall Productions – the Manchester- based subsidiary of Thames Television, have produced the film, which cost three million pounds. David Jason features as the voice of The BEG (the Big … Read more

Brian Cosgrove co-founder of Cosgrove Hall

The Studio In ten years Cosgrove Hall Productions has grown from a small studio to a major animation centre whose films are enjoyed by audiences around the World. The Cosgrove Hall animation studio is in a suburb of Manchester called Chorlton-cum-Hardy, writes David Jefferson. It is a smart looking building of red brick and brown … Read more

The design team at Cosgrove Hall

The Design Team prepare layouts and experiment with light, shade and colour. Ken Clark investigates. Layouts show the field of view and the movement of camera and characters, while exercising a strong measure of control, unifying the separate pieces of the picture and guiding the team towards a common goal. It could be said that … Read more

The design team at Cosgrove Hall – Page 3

Maggie Riley, background colour designer Maggie Riley is a background colour designer who has been working at Cosgrove Hall Productions for three years. She designed and painted backgrounds for Alias the Jester and is now on Count Duckula. Interview by Ken Clark. KC: What does colour design entail? MR: While Paul Salmon is responsible for … Read more

Chris Randall Producer/Director at Cosgrove Hall

Chris Randall, Senior Producer/Director on future drawn production series chats with Ken Clark. Roald Dahl’s books have tremendous appeal for children. They are different – very different indeed. Most good stories written for children are well-written, but sanitized. Not so the Dahl yarns and poems. He has a perceptive approach, freely explained in a recent … Read more

Painting the cels at Cosgrove Hall

Lorraine Thomas, Supervisor of Paint and Trace talks with Ken Clark. KC: How many people work in this department? LT: We have eight cel painters and are about to employ three more, in another room we have two artists who do the airbrushing, and two who choose the colours and do the colour mixing. I’ve … Read more