Metamorphosis with Cut-outs

Someone once said to me during a discussion on the various types of animation, that the cut out type is certainly a cheap way for the would be animator to start with, practice the art and gain experience, but it is very restrictive when it came to more advanced techniques, such as metamorphosis (the change of shape from one object to another).

Metamorphosis with Cut-outs

A hand and face were then inched in and the fish “popped” into the mouth, and when pulled out the fish was but a skeleton as depicted in childrens’ comics with a cat and dustbin.

The fish skeleton, when placed upright looked remarkably like a pine tree, and this in fact was its next shape complete with snow on top by the simple expedient of covering the bones by branches until fully built up.

Cut-out Animation with UFOs

During this first film I encountered quite a few problems which flooded to be overcome, and a lot of time was spent in experimenting. Initially this is to be expected, until experience is gained, but of course no expensive cels or animation aids are needed, only a few pieces of card. In fact these experiments are fun, and become at times hilarious, with results far removed from what you intended, although I would always advise making your experiments, if possible, separate to the actual film shooting, if only to avoid splices.